How to find Long Beach and The Tinker House

STARTING from the Washington end of the Astoria Bridge, proceed west (this becomes Hwy 101 / Pacific Hwy). Proceed through the towns of Chinook, and Ilwaco. In Ilwaco, the road jogs right at signal, and then continues north again. Proceed through Seaview to the city of Long Beach.

In Long Beach proceed north through town past the 2nd traffic signal. Go 5 more blocks to N. 6th Street, and make a left turn (west) onto N. 6th Street. Proceed past one stop sign (Blvd. Street). The Tinker Houses are the second property on the left 205 N. 6th Street.

Coded passage locks are mounted by the back door of the main house, and by the front door on the guest house.